Serve. Preserve. Complement.

About us

Through a beautiful and user-centric web-based platform driven by advanced analytics, we will connect local, national, and international visitors with Loudoun County businesses and experiences. Like Loudoun itself, LoudounGo will combine technological savvy with entrepreneurial spirit and local charm using innovation, personalization, and storytelling. We will preserve the integrity of the Loudoun Experience by building a trust-based relationship with businesses across Loudoun County and creating a platform that supports their unique business offerings. LoudounGo will create a seamless partnership with businesses by providing data driven insights into consumer preferences and market trends to help businesses refine their marketing and production strategies.

Our Vision

We hope to create a seamless and personalized Loudoun Experience for residents and visitors, connecting them to the unique experiences only to be found in Loudoun County…scenic landscapes, world class vineyards, sporting events, culinary experiences, local artists, farms, shops and so much more!

Our Mission is to Serve, Preserve, and Compliment Loudoun County’s businesses, culture, and history.

Our Team

Luke Baldwin

Luke served more than 16 years in US National Security managing  projects that drove strategic intelligence policy, organizational changes, and influenced senior U.S. executives on budget policy. He has taken his strengths in international economic development to form LoudounGo as a partnership with Loudoun’s government, influencers and leaders.

Ardelle Baldwin
Operations & Customer Support

Ardelle is a certified Clinical Laboratory Scientist with a B.S. in Medical Technology and 13 years of experience in healthcare. After moving to Northern VA in 2005, she worked in various local hospitals and medical laboratories. Ardelle left the medical field in 2013 to stay home full time and home educate her four children. Over the past 8 years, she has taught and directed local classical home school co-ops.

Jack Clark

Jack is an electrical and computer engineer who understands all forms of technology.  After 11 years in the US Military, Jack served as an electrical and computer engineer for NASA and other government agencies. Between the military and his government training, he has learned to be a great leader who listens and understands people and technology.

Alex Ponce de Leon

Alex brings a wealth of visual communications and marketing knowledge to LoudounGo, with over 20 years of experience producing high-level commercial and non-profit campaigns in a variety of industries and markets. Alex oversees branding and marketing at LoudounGo. As a Northern Virginia resident of many years, he understands the opportunities to grow the local economy through technology, innovation, and storytelling.

Our Partners


EatLoco’s relationship with farmers and involvement with farmers markets over the last several years, positions them perfectly to help our farmers evolve into a platform that will easily increase their sales while decreasing their workload. Taking them from personally making several deliveries per week all over the metro area (or sometimes not making deliveries at all), to a once or twice a week dropoff to one central point, will save them time, manpower, overtimes costs, fuel, and truck maintenance. EatLoco will help farmers and vendors monitor and update their inventory in the system and enforce quality control over all their products prior to delivery.

Chariots for Hire

Over the past decade, Chariots For Hire became a recognized leader in transportation and an icon for those interested in Washington DC’s nightlife and tourism. Their fleet of chariots comprises one of the Nation’s largest and most diverse. In 2009 Chariots For Hire chauffeured the highest number of wine lovers to dozens of local Virginia wineries. Thorough training of all trip advisers, dispatch managers and over 150 certified and licensed chauffeurs, ensures that each ride with Chariots becomes a superb experience.


ChefScape is a food and beverage business incubator housing up and coming local food and beverage businesses as well as providing much needed expansion space to existing concepts. Our Leesburg facility features a Food Hall, Bar, and Performance Stage.

For the public, we provide a fun and unique dining experience that includes rotating multicultural food options, inventive craft cocktails and a lively entertainment program. Our facility also houses a variety of catered food options available through our kitchen member network.