The Salt Pot

Traditional British food – Sausage Rolls, Traditional Pasties, Wiltshire Plaits, and Vegetarian Plaits. One British themed savory entree and one home-made soup available each week (on rotation). Everything is home-made, using local ingredients (when possible), and available for pick up or delivery to your home.


Wendy Salt, Founder/Chef

We’re Passionate About Good Home Cooked Food

Food is important. Water is important. It keeps us alive……but eating food together lets us live!

We started the Salt Pot Kitchen to make good, homemade food easily accessible to busy families.

The original concept was conjured up after many years of rushing straight from work to a sporting game/practice, to sit on cold bleachers supporting our mini athletes’ multiple times a week, year-round. No time to run home and prepare a nutritious meal, so grabbing a pretzel, a slice of pizza or a burger on the sidelines had to do….all the while just dreaming of a simple, nutritionally balanced bowl of homemade soup!

Fast-forward to 2021, and the stress on families has been compounded with home schooling, juggling working at home with youngsters and pets (while home schooling), caring for vulnerable friends and relatives who might not be comfortable going out to grocery shop and/or eat, and untold other pressures.

In response to these needs within our community, the team at The Salt Pot Kitchen, led by a Cordon Bleu trained chef, morphed their original idea into a prepared meal delivery service of top quality, delicious, homemade treats (with a British flair).

Stock up on homemade soups, pies and “to-go” items like traditional sausage rolls or Wiltshire Plaits, all ready to pop in the oven, and give yourself the night off safe in the knowledge everything is prepared in-house exactly as it has been prepared for our own family for years…..